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The History of Lighthouses - Index

The history of Lighthouses is presented here, at length, in a number of extended articles. Each group of articles is prefixed with a letter code. The codes and group titles are:

The History of Ancient Lighthouses has been studied in depth and the results are presented in this beautiful large format hard-back volume:

Ancient Lighthouses And Other Lighted Aids to Navigation (2018)

A collection of papers has also been prepared and is presented here in the following set of 8 articles

J01: The Literature

J02: The Mariners

J03: Greek Lightstructures

J04: The Phoenicians

J05: The Pharos of Alexandria

J06: Lighthouses After The Pharos

J07: A Catalogue of Ancient Lighthouses

J08: An Overview

Index of Pages for Group A Articles - LIGHTHOUSES OF ANTIQUITY

A: Lighthouses of Antiquity - Index
A00: Summary
A01: Introduction
A02: The Evidence
A03: Early Civilizations
A04: The Egyptians
A05 The Construction of the Pharos of Alexandria
A06 The History of the Pharos of Alexandria
A07 Broader Influences
A08: The Romans
A09: The Gallery of Maps in the Vatican
A10: Portus Romanus
A11: Centum Cellae
A12: Livorno
A13: The Phoenicians
A14: Carthage
A15: Phoenician Traders
A16: Phoenician Navigation
A17: The Greeks
A18: Athens
A19: Troy
A20: The Helladic Period
A21: Abydos and Sestos
A22: Sigeum
A23: Conclusions
A24: References

This work is now written in detail in the book, Ancient Lighthouses by Ken Trethewey

The work includes the most detailed account of the Pharos of Alexandria yet written.

Papers in pdf format can be downloaded here:

Paper 1: Ancient lighthouses - The Literature

Index of Pages for Group AS Articles - LIGHTHOUSES OF ASIA

AS: Lighthouses of Asia - Index
AS01: Lighthouses of India
AS02: Lighthouses of Sri Lanka
AS03: Lighthouses of Lakshadweep
AS04: Lighthouses of Bangladesh
AS05: Lighthouses of Burma
AS06: Lighthouses of Malaysia
AS07: Lighthouses of Indonesia
AS08: Lighthouses of Viet Nam
AS09: Lighthouses of Thailand
AS10: Lighthouses of the Philippines
AS11: Lighthouses of China
AS12: General History of Japan
AS13: Lighthouses of Japan: Richard Henry Brunton
AS15: Japanese terms used in lighthouse names
AS16: References


BR: History of Lighthouses in the British Isles - Index
BR01: Lighthouse or Pharos?
BR02: Ecclesiastical Lights
BR03: Brotherhoods, Fraternities and Guilds
BR05: Light Dues
BR06: The Charter of Henry VIII
BR07: The Trinity House of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
BR08: Beacons, Buoys and Ballastage
BR09: The business of Lighthouses
BR10: Smugglers and Wreckers
BR11: Cromwell and Pepys
BR12: Sea Pilots
BR13: Developments in Ireland
BR14: Commissioners of Northern Lights
BR15: The Ballast Board
BR16: Commissioners of Irish Lights
BR17: Isle of Man
BR18: The Trinity House of Leith
BR19: Lighthouse Builders
BR21: The End Of Private Ownership
BR22: Trinity House Buildings

Index of Pages for Group E Articles: LIGHTHOUSES OF EMPIRE

E: Lighthouses of Empire - Index
E00: Summary
E01: Origins
E02: Early Navigation
E03: Late Developments
E04: Early Chinese Cultures
E05: Ship Designs
E06: The Early History of Asia
E07: European Exploration
E08: The Role of Portugal
E09: The Role of Spain
E10: The Role of the Netherlands
E11: Trade With China
E12: Opium
E13: The Role of Great Britain
E14: Change in China
E15: The British in India
E16: The British Empire
E17: The Imperial Lighthouse Service
E18: Conclusions
E19: References