AS15: Japanese Terms Associated With Lighthouse Names

The following is a list of Japanese words associated with geographical nouns that may be used in lighthouse names, and their English equivalents. Japanese, having its own character set, gives rise to ambiguities and spelling variations when translated into English.

bana cape, headland
guchi strait, channel
gunto island group
hama beach
hanto peninsula
iwa mountain, island
jima island, sandbank kai sea
kaikyo strait
kawa river, stream
ko lake, bay
misaki cape
moto source, beginning
mura village
nada sea, bay, channel
oka land, coast
saki cape
san hill, mountain
se rapids, shallows
shima island
suido strait
to island
toge pass
to-sho island
uchi bay
umi bay
ura bay, coast, lake
wan bay
yama mountain
yo ocean
zaki cape, peninsula
ze sandbank, reef