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Pharology - History - Index

The History of Lighthouses - Index

The history of Lighthouses is presented here, at length, in a number of extended articles. Each group of articles is prefixed with a letter code. The codes and group titles are:

A: Lighthouses of Antiquity

AS: Lighthouses of Asia

BR: History of Lighthouses in the British Isles

E: Lighthouses of Empire

J: Journal Articles

Index of Pages for Group A Articles - LIGHTHOUSES OF ANTIQUITY

A: Lighthouses of Antiquity - Index
A00: Summary
A01: Introduction
A02: The Evidence
A03: Early Civilizations
A04: The Egyptians
A05 The Construction of the Pharos of Alexandria
A06 The History of the Pharos of Alexandria
A07 Broader Influences
A08: The Romans
A09: The Gallery of Maps in the Vatican
A10: Portus Romanus
A11: Centum Cellae
A12: Livorno
A13: The Phoenicians
A14: Carthage
A15: Phoenician Traders
A16: Phoenician Navigation
A17: The Greeks
A18: Athens
A19: Troy
A20: The Helladic Period
A21: Abydos and Sestos
A22: Sigeum
A23: Conclusions
A24: References

This work is now written in detail in the book, Ancient Lighthouses by Ken Trethewey

The work includes the most detailed account of the Pharos of Alexandria yet written.

A collection of papers has also been prepared and is presented here in the following set of 8 articles

J01: The Literature

J02: The Mariners

J03: Greek Lightstructures

J04: The Phoenicians

J05: The Pharos of Alexandria

J06: Lighthouses After The Pharos

J07: A Catalogue of Ancient Lighthouses

J08: An Overview

Index of Pages for Group AS Articles - LIGHTHOUSES OF ASIA

AS: Lighthouses of Asia - Index
AS01: Lighthouses of India
AS02: Lighthouses of Sri Lanka
AS03: Lighthouses of Lakshadweep
AS04: Lighthouses of Bangladesh
AS05: Lighthouses of Burma
AS06: Lighthouses of Malaysia
AS07: Lighthouses of Indonesia
AS08: Lighthouses of Viet Nam
AS09: Lighthouses of Thailand
AS10: Lighthouses of the Philippines
AS11: Lighthouses of China
AS12: General History of Japan
AS13: Lighthouses of Japan: Richard Henry Brunton
AS15: Japanese terms used in lighthouse names
AS16: References


BR: History of Lighthouses in the British Isles - Index
BR01: Lighthouse or Pharos?
BR02: Ecclesiastical Lights
BR03: Brotherhoods, Fraternities and Guilds
BR05: Light Dues
BR06: The Charter of Henry VIII
BR07: The Trinity House of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
BR08: Beacons, Buoys and Ballastage
BR09: The business of Lighthouses
BR10: Smugglers and Wreckers
BR11: Cromwell and Pepys
BR12: Sea Pilots
BR13: Developments in Ireland
BR14: Commissioners of Northern Lights
BR15: The Ballast Board
BR16: Commissioners of Irish Lights
BR17: Isle of Man
BR18: The Trinity House of Leith
BR19: Lighthouse Builders
BR21: The End Of Private Ownership
BR22: Trinity House Buildings

Index of Pages for Group E Articles: LIGHTHOUSES OF EMPIRE

E: Lighthouses of Empire - Index
E00: Summary
E01: Origins
E02: Early Navigation
E03: Late Developments
E04: Early Chinese Cultures
E05: Ship Designs
E06: The Early History of Asia
E07: European Exploration
E08: The Role of Portugal
E09: The Role of Spain
E10: The Role of the Netherlands
E11: Trade With China
E12: Opium
E13: The Role of Great Britain
E14: Change in China
E15: The British in India
E16: The British Empire
E17: The Imperial Lighthouse Service
E18: Conclusions
E19: References