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Pharology - People

Engineers Employed By or Consultant To Trinity House

List in approximate chronological order. Years indicated are those when in the service of Trinity House.

Samuel Wyatt (1776-1807)

Daniel Alexander (1807-1846)

James Walker (1821-1862)

Nicholas Douglass (1839-1863)

Sir James Nicholas Douglass (1863-1892)

Sir Thomas Matthews (1892-1924)

Sir John Bowen (1924-1952)

Trinity House Younger and Elder Brothers Who Contributed To Lighthouse Engineering

Admiral Sir Richard Collinson (1858-1883)

Richard Collinson was a famous explorer in the Royal Navy. He joined Trinity House as a Younger Brother in 1858 and became an Elder Brother in 1862. He became Deputy Master of Trinity House in 1875. He is known for his work on the development of rocket fog signals.